Elevate Your Post-Frame Building with ADORN® Stone

Elevate Your Post-Frame Building with ADORN® Stone

Posted on: Jul 09, 2021

Perhaps you want to put up a shed for your farm equipment, a commerical car wash building, or maybe even a shouse. Metal, post-frame buildings are a popular choice for projects alike due to their speedy construction and lower building costs.

For years, metal buildings have been used for agriculture or the typical car port. Nowadays, businesses and homeowners are choosing post-frame buildings because they are durable and easy to maintain. 

ADORN® Colorado Gray featured here.

What is a shouse? The name is formed from two words, shop and house. A shouse is essentially a storage space or workshop that is connected to living quarters. They are often found on a piece of land used for fishing, hunting, farming or ranching. Maybe you've heard them called "barndominium" or "pole barn home," but whatever you choose to call it, you have to admit that it's a fun concept. Many homeowners are choosing to embrace the shouse lifestyle and we don't blame them. If you're looking for a unique, multi-purpose and cost-effective alternative, a shouse might just be the perfect option for you.

While there are many custom possibilities when it comes to the aesthetics of these builidngs, what makes them stand out are the diffferent textures that can be used to complement the metal exterior. For an on-trend look, we recommend adding some stone veneer siding, shutters, or a timber frame porch. This helps add a touch of residential styling to your otherwise plain, metal building.

ADORN® Terra featured here.

To keep your project quick, easy, and inexpensive, we recommend choosing a mortarless stone veneer. ADORN® Stone Veneer is a great option for exterior wainscoting or wrapping your front porch pillars. With your high interior ceilings, you'll also want to add some height element, such as a tall stone fireplace or a stone accent wall. You'll have to turn to Pinterest for some shouse inspiration.

Have an ADORN® Shouse you want to show off? Send us some pictures!

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