Customer Questions:

ADORN® is produced from high-strength concrete, so it looks and feels like real stone.

Yes, the ADORN® system can be installed over brick using masonry screws through the attaching flange.

We recommend an exterior construction grade screw such as a 1.5" long tapcon screw.

Refer to our product overview section on our products pages to see how many pieces come in each box. Ultimately, it may depend on where you decide to purchase ADORN® Stone.

Yes, the built-in aluminum flashing works as a protective layover over the wall channeling water down the surface as the flashing pieces overlap themselves. It will be necessary to install flashing at the base of the stone install in order to allow the water to channel all the way down.

Check out our easy-to-use unit calculators to figure how many boxes of flats, corners, sills, or pillars you will need for your project. 

Yes, this product is perfect for use around fireplaces both interior or exterior because it is made out of high-strength concrete. Just be sure to follow the installation instructions.

Pricing depends on where you choose to purchase ADORN® products. You can compare prices by checking out the dealers available in your area.

On average, an ADORN® flat panel (1 square foot) weighs 18 pounds. 

Free 6x9 inch samples are available by submitting our sample request form or by calling 888.379.2210.

ADORN® offers Post Stone or Pillar Stone in every color profile for wrapping columns. Deciding between the two stones will depend on your project size.

Pillar Stone - to be installed over a 14"x14" frame

Post Stone - to be installed over a 6"x6" post

Please refer to our nationwide dealer map.

ADORN® Stone can be installed over stucco in most cases. We recommend either painting the stucco black or wrapping the area with WRB such as 15 lb black felt before installation. You must use 3 quality exterior construction screws per each panel and at least 1 needs to be installed into a stud to the depth of 1".

Yes, ADORN® Stone works great for outdoor kitchens and is a much quicker option compared to traditional mortar stone. Be prepared to do some cutting with a quality concrete blade. 

No starter strip is required. Please refer to our installation guide.

Yes, just be sure to use 3 screws per panel. At least 1 screw must penetrate a wall stud to the depth of at least 1".

We recommend using a quality concrete blade for cutting pieces.

The matching base color spray paint is listed on our Color Care Guide.

Yes, place a screw a every tab in the ICF.

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