Give your Fireplace a Facelift with Mortarless Stone Veneer

Give your Fireplace a Facelift with Mortarless Stone Veneer

Posted on: Nov 30, 2020

Although we’re not ready for it, colder weather is upon us. Which means it’s time to fire up the fireplace! But what if your fireplace needs a little TLC before the season starts? Fireplaces often get overlooked throughout most of the year, but when temperatures drop and the holidays roll around, they become an important part of your home once again.

Many homes feature beautiful fireplaces that aren’t taken advantage of simply because they’re outdated. Traditional stone fireplaces are by far the most popular, however many homeowners shy away from them because of the price and lengthy renovation process. But, with ADORN® Mortarless Stone Veneer, adding stone to your fireplace is a quick, easy, and inexpensive process.

If your fireplace needs a facelift before the holiday season begins, check out some of our ideas that incorporate mortarless stone:

Refresh your Space. Simply add stone to your existing fireplace. While you’re at it, update your mantle to match the rustic charm.

This look features our Ledgestone Buckskin.

Make a Statement. Go big and bold with stone to create a major focal point in your home. Incorporating nooks to store firewood also adds more functionality to the space.

This look features our Ledgestone Colorado Gray.

Modernize with Stone. Just adding a small amount of stone can make a big difference. White shiplap and the black stone surround make for a modern farmhouse look.

This look features our Ledgestone Northern Gray.

Expand Upwards and Out. If you have the space for it, why not extend the fireplace all the way to the ceiling and add a large concrete hearth for decorations or additional seating room.

This look features our Ledgestone Terra.

Enhance your Fireplace’s Presence. Expand on what you currently have by widening out the surrounding space and adding stone above it. This fireplace quickly transformed into a cozy spot.

This look features our Ledgestone Terra.

Enjoy your Patio Longer. Just like a fire pit, an outdoor fireplace is a great gathering space that can be used year-round.

This look features our Ledgestone Desert Tan.

Create an Accent Wall. Liven up your living room by extending the stone above your mantel. This will surely add character to your room.

This look features our Shadowledge Limestone.

Want to see what your current fireplace could look like with ADORN®? Use our online visualizer to help you through the process.

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