10 Ways to Stand Out with Stone Veneer

10 Ways to Stand Out with Stone Veneer

Posted on: Dec 30, 2020

Whether it’s for an exterior or interior project, selecting materials is one of the most important decisions that goes into designing or renovating a space. Stone adds a little more beauty to the block and can even increase the value of your home. With unmatched durability and minimal upkeep, stone veneer is a smart investment. Take a minute to virtually visualize what adding stone to your property could look like.

Maybe you’re a “DIYer” or maybe you would rather let a pro take it from here. Either way, the process of adding stone siding throughout your home or business could not be simpler with a product like  Adorn® Mortarless Stone Veneer. Our stone veneer installs easily with nails, wood screws, or concrete screws. This system doesn’t require mortar, eliminating the need for masons—which are becoming harder to locate in the industry. Natural Concrete Products takes pride in making a high-quality stone siding that is easy for anyone to use.

Available in two profiles—Ledgestone: a clean, dry-stack look, and Shadowledge: a natural, cut-and-fitted look—Adorn® Mortarless Stone Veneer is sure to match your design style and add some extra pop to your project.

Here are 10 simple ways to elevate your space using mortarless stone veneer:

  1. Mailbox: a stone mailbox will certainly stand out around the neighborhood—that’s about the closest you can get to actual curb appeal, right?

  2. Fireplace: heating up! Stone fireplaces add warmth and texture to the focal point of your space.
  3. Posts: wrap those plain looking posts right up to give your home improvement project a complete look!
  4. Bar Wrap: why go to the bar when you can bring the bar home? Add a personal/professional touch to your indoor  or outdoor bar. Another unique idea: wrap your kitchen island – with a natural granite look on top, it would sure add character to the heart of your home.
  5. Shed: even your catch-all backyard shed can be beautiful!
  6. Commercial Signage: your business sign will turn even more heads accompanied by a clean, stone veneer.
  7. Accent Wall: not sure what to do with that blank wall in your house? Add some stone!

    Some unique ideas include: a bedroom backdrop, stone wall behind your basement bar, use stone instead of tile on your kitchen backsplash, a cozy stone wall behind your bathtub, or even a stone wall finish along your staircase!
  8. Pillars: make a statement with your weight-baring pillars by building a column around them – entirely or halfway – they really stand out!
  9.  Front porch: add some flare to the entrance of your home or business!
  10. Foundation: forget the plain, concrete foundation—cover it with stone siding!

Ready to give Adorn® Mortarless Stone Veneer a try? Find a dealer near you.

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